Yamanote Line Pata Pata Transfer Guide


This site provides information on how to transfer from one station to another on the Yamanote Line.

I am a Japanese person who usually speaks only Japanese. There are probably a lot of places where the expression is strange.
Please be gentle with me. <(_ _)>


1. Yamanote Line Route Map

The Yamanote Line is a ring road running through central Tokyo. There are 30 stations on the Yamanote Line.

Yamanote Line Route Map

On the Yamanote Line, the outer tracks is clockwise and the inner tracks is counterclockwise.
The basic rule is to drive on the left, just like a car.


2. Stops on the Yamanote Line

JY01 東京駅(Tokyo)

JY02 神田駅(Kanda)

JY03 秋葉原駅(Akihabara)

JY05 上野駅(Ueno)

JY06 鶯谷駅(Uguisudani)

JY07 日暮里駅(Nippori)

JY08 西日暮里駅(Nishi-Nippopri)

JY09 田端駅(Tabata)

JY10 駒込駅(Komagome)

JY11 巣鴨駅(Sugamo)

JY12 大塚駅(Otsuka)

JY17 新宿駅(Shinjuku)


3. background knowledge

Check the boarding vehicle and door




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